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Types Of Audit Section

This office audits Central Revenue Receipts comprising Direct Taxes and Indirect Taxes, arising and collected in West Bengal, Customs Receipts of North Eastern Region and Paradeep Port including Bhubaneswar Collectorate, expenditure of the Central Government Offices in West Bengal including those of the Union Territory of Andaman & Nicobar Islands and their Departmental Undertakings.  In addition to the said responsibilities, this office also undertakes audit of the Kolkata Port Trust and other Autonomous Bodies as provided in Sections 14, 19 and 20 of the CAG’s D.P.C. Act, 1971, externally aided projects not covered by the aforesaid Act, some selected Departmentally managed Government Undertakings (Proforma Accounts) and State Government Offices as well as other Autonomous Bodies on behalf of other Accountants General, Bhutan Investigation Division, Bhutan and Tala Hydro Electric Project, Bhutan, C.I.S.F. & C.R.P.F. offices located in West Bengal and Offices of the Border Security Force in the North East (excluding Manipur) and East Zones. Further, residual accounting functions and authorisation of Pension, left over after departmentalisation, still remain with this office.

The brief description of the various sections of this office is as follows:

  • Administration: This section is responsible for the general administration of the office.

  • Rajbhasha: Section looks after implementation of Rajbhasha Act  and also helps in translation work in Hindi.

  • Cash: This section makes arrangements of payments.

  • Records I:  Record I section is responsible for purchase of stationary items and maintenance of stock and stores, office expenses, purchase of books, telephone and maintenance of all office machines.

  • Record II:  Receives letters and responsible for distribution of those to sections. It circulates office orders and despatch letters.

  • Entitlements: This section prepares any bills ranging from salary bill, TA bill, Medical bill, LTC claim. HBA and any other sort of advance bill is prepared by this section. The section also maintains service book of all NGOs, pass the GPF claim of NGO. Pay fixation of NGOs is also done by the section.

  • Confidential: This section deals with all delicate and confidential administrative matters. Apart from that, Court cases, disciplinary cases, promotion cases. ACP cases for all cadres are dealt by the section.

  • Central: This is a co-ordinating section, entrusted with compilation/consolidation   of various reports/returns  , work relating to  ranking of Audit  Offices,  annual targets and achievements etc.

  • Accounting Cell : Compilation and consolidation of pension payment accounts relating to Central Civil and SSS Pension made from the counters of O/O AG(A&E), WB, Preparation of Monthly Expenditure Statement regarding pension payment, statement of central transactions, Union Govt. Finance Accounts, Balance Sheet, etc.

  • Pension and Training: This section deals with pre 1.1.90 freedom fighters pension cases, Central civil pension and other miscellaneous cases of pre 1.1.90. Also responsible for arranging in-house training and other training courses at RTI, Kolkata.

  • Shifting: This section is responsible for coordinating the renovation and sifting work going on in the office.


  •  OAD-HQ: This section is responsible for the manpower management, party formation and overall coordination  of the OAD. The Inspection reports of Civil Units are also vetted by this section.

  • OAD-Report &AB : This section is responsible for all the work related with the Separate Audit reports of Autonomous Bodies .The section also discharges all responsibilities regarding draft paras related with Inspection wing

  • WAD-I&II : This section coordinates the work of works audit of CPWD, APWD, ALHW etc. The party formation, submission of reports  related with the works audit is also handled by them.

Revenue Audit Direct Taxes :

  • ITRA Hdqrs. : This section is responsible for manpower management, party formation and overall coordination of ITRA section. The section also discharges all responsibilities regarding ‘draft para’ and ‘review’ related with this wing.

Revenue Audit Indirect Taxes:

  • CERA-HQ : CERA section is responsible to inspect units paying central excise duty and service tax as per guidelines of C & AG. CERA prepares cases for Audit Report. (Indirect Tax).

  • CRAD-HQ: It is responsible for customs audit and the related work .

EDP Cell :

  • This section is responsible to monitor the EDP functions of entire office and also responsible to develop software and purchase computer hardware and stationeries. This section coordinates the work of IT Audit and Admin Wizard.

Kolkata Port Trust:

  • KoPT-HQ


  • The welfare section is engaged in all the  welfare related activities of the offices. Their activities include :Beyond office Hours.

Internal Test Audit:

  • This section test checks the work of other sections of office

Branch office Port Blair:

  • OAD-HQ

  • Reports

  • TOP